4 Ways G Suite Increases Workplace Productivity

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Workplace Productivity

A Forbes study found that employees lose a tremendous amount of time working on tasks that are necessary for their role but don’t really strengthen their company’s competitive edge. So how can executives and managers eliminate time spent on menial tasks to improve workplace productivity and drive a higher bottom line?

Here’s how G Suite helps companies increase workplace productivity and eliminate inefficiencies:

1. Amplify Workplace Productivity with AI and Machine Learning

It’s estimated that employees only spend 5% of their time developing the next big idea; the rest is wasted on time-draining overhead tasks like emails and reporting. G Suite’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are integrated throughout and operate like a personal assistant. They can help schedule meetings in Calendar, suggest responses based on Gmail content, and even track down relevant web documents based on projects being worked on in Sheets, Docs, and Slides. AI and machine learning amplify the productivity of every employee who uses them.

2. Access Files Faster through Drive & Vault

Workers spend 2.5 hours each day, or 30% of their time, searching for information. That’s not a recipe for corporate success. To alleviate employees from drowning in research, G Suite features Drive and Vault, two file repository tools. This means that employees will always have access to the most recent version of every file; no more searching through endless email threads looking for a file (and hoping it’s the current one), or even having to send file attachments in the first place. A further benefit is that administrators can manage sharing and storing permissions. So what’s the difference between Drive and Vault? Files in Drive can still be edited, while Vault is used to securely store completed documents. Both storage solutions have search functions and can be used for future reference, training, and onboarding.

3. Break Down Geographic Barriers on Hangouts

Business travel is expected to cost $1.6 trillion by 2020, so smart companies are being proactive about how they can boost face-to-face collaboration and communication without spending big on it. Hangouts is a video conferencing tool in G Suite that enables employees to have live, real-time discussions, yet avoid rising travel costs and excessive time spent away from the office and out of the loop. Users can share and discuss files, as well as record their conversations for future use. Hangouts also features a chat application and syncs with Google Calendar for increased efficiency. See how our client, Sales Partnerships, unifies over 300 field employees with G Suite.

4. Edit Files and Collaborate in Real-Time to Improve Workplace Productivity

Docs, Sheets, and Slides, perhaps the most-used file creation tools in G Suite, enable users to leave comments and engage in virtually any type of collaboration imaginable. Edits can also be left in the documents, or as suggestions, so employees can discuss and create the best files possible. Further, since edits don’t have to be done in real time, it cuts down on time spent in meetings. G Suite also means workers will be working with the most recent version of every file; no more searching through email threads for attachments, just to wonder if the most current file is even being accessed. This also means companies can cut down on printer paper and other related costs; G Suite helps companies become more financially efficient and environmentally friendly.

With G Suite, companies can save time and money, cut down on meetings, eliminate travel costs, boost collaboration, and ensure employees have more time to spend on the more critical parts of projects. Further, all G Suite tools can be downloaded as mobile applications, giving employees the power to work on-the-go and from wherever they are. Many of these apps retain some functionality, even without an internet connection.

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