Case study: Sorcero natively integrates AI platform into Google Cloud Marketplace with help from SADA



Sorcero extends their market reach and enriches the sales pipeline with marketplace integration and membership in SADA’s SaaS Alliance Partner program.



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into Google Marketplace in 6 weeks


Market reach and sales pipeline

New scientific medical advances are made every day. Each advance is carefully documented in numerous ways: biomedical articles published in peer-reviewed journals; promising new treatment methods surface in discussions between medical teams and healthcare practitioners; and, clinical trials and disease management guidance are shared online by patients and advocacy groups, to name a few. Growing at 9% a year, this documentation represents an enormous opportunity–and challenge for life sciences organizations.

Finding the answers to many medical questions may depend on staying informed and sifting through mountains of scientific content. The Sorcero AI Platform assists the Medical Affairs teams that use this information to unify data across disparate sources, which enables them to source and find insights that can be further analyzed for significant value. The solution enables Medical Affairs teams to make confident decisions, with a complete view of healthcare data, to support the adoption of innovative therapies that can transform patient outcomes. 

Cutting the timeframe between observations and actions

By unifying data and breaking down information silos in healthcare, Sorcero is able to reduce the time between biomedical research and practical application by practitioners.  

“Typically in life sciences, the analytics cycle needed to generate medical insights from complex data will take at least nine months before being delivered to the field,” says Richard Graves, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero. “Leveraging advanced biomedical AI technology, we replace these manual evaluation processes and collapse that timeline into a matter of days with our proprietary medical analytics platform.” 

Business challenge

Founded in 2018, Sorcero delivers their advanced analytics and generative AI platform through Google Cloud’s powerful BigQuery and Vertex AI tools. The company believes that the most important application of AI today is to speed patient access to breakthrough treatments. 

Last year, Sorcero evolved their go-to-market strategy from independent third-party acquisitions to a more centralized sales process involving the cloud ecosystem. “Part of our maturity as a company is being available to enterprises in that ecosystem and having strong alliances with leading technology partners like SADA and Google Cloud,” says Graves.

Securely selling to the largest enterprises in the world

Sorcero sells their biomedical AI solution to some of the largest organizations around the globe. Most, if not all, of these organizations require stringent levels of protection for any online platforms they use.

“We sell to the largest enterprises in the world and they have very strict security management requirements,” says Graves. “We wanted to make our platform available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, where companies with existing Google Cloud relationships could easily access and utilize our platform, instantly meeting all their security and compliance needs.”  

Another key driver for Sorcero integrating into the marketplace was enabling Google Cloud’s enterprise customers to draw down their existing commitments.


Accelerating Google Cloud Marketplace integration with SADA

To complete Sorcero’s marketplace integration, Graves chose SADA for its Google Cloud Marketplace Integration Services and record of success. SADA’s integration services streamline the Google Cloud Marketplace publishing process by collecting and submitting listing details, establishing SKUs, overseeing Google Cloud’s confirmation procedures, and setting up and testing internal order applications.

It became quite clear that SADA, as a Google Cloud specialist, has expertise in the marketplace integration space. It was a no-brainer to hire SADA to get us on the marketplace quickly.

Richard Graves | Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero

Facilitating new promotion and sales activities

In addition, Sorcero joined the SADA SaaS Alliance Program to facilitate new promotion and sales activities for the organization. The SADA partnership program is designed to increase visibility within the SADA and Google Cloud ecosystems through joint go-to-market strategies such as outbound marketing efforts, targeted outreach, and co-selling opportunities.

“We are participating in joint go-to-market acceleration projects with SADA for our leading omnichannel analytics solution,” says Michail Fabrizi, Director of Revenue Operations and Partnerships at Sorcero. “These include being a guest on their Cloud N Clear podcast, targeted outbound outreach, and sales enablement sessions.”


Completing the marketplace integration on time and on budget

Working with SADA Enterprise Solution Architects and Project Managers, Sorcero completed their Google Cloud Marketplace listing on time and on budget. 

“SADA’s team couldn’t have been more helpful or responsive,” says Fabrizi. “Booking a meeting was the easiest thing with SADA, which was shocking. Everything worked out great. We accelerated the timelines and published early, ahead of the eight-week estimate.”

By outsourcing their marketplace integration to SADA, the team at Sorcero was able to concentrate on their main value-add.

Sorcero is focused on doing what we do best, offering the most advanced AI for medical analytics and medical publications. SADA, as a star of marketplace integration, was a great fit for us.

Michail Fabrizi | Director of Revenue Operations and Partnerships at Sorcero

Overall, SADA was able to help Sorcero:

  • Create and publish the Google Cloud Marketplace listing in six weeks
  • Provide API code creation guidance
  • Set up the order management application process
  • Assist with product pricing and SKU configuration
  • Execute joint marketing initiatives to attract new customers

Getting on the Google Cloud Marketplace is a smooth process with SADA. It was easier and faster than expected. Also, we appreciated their help in training our sales team how to respond to offers from the marketplace and then link them internally with our standard processes at Sorcero.

— Michail Fabrizi | Director of Revenue Operations and Partnerships at Sorcero

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