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eBook: Planning for a Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud World

Planning for a Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud World

Learn how modern enterprises are benefiting and gaining a competitive advantage by embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies with tips on overcoming security challenges and planning a successful multi-cloud migration.

Build for Tomorrow - Faster, Safer, and Better

The Google Cloud Platform is built to take your organization into the future, no matter where the future takes your business. Because you’re no longer tied to the limits of legacy systems, you can respond rapidly to change and scale up as quickly as needed in a stable, secure, cost-effective computing environment.



With no onsite servers to worry about, you are freed from the limits of server capacity. You can scale up via Google’s global computing power as quickly as you need to.


Better Analytics
and Insights

GCP gives you better data warehousing and more effective ways to explore your Big Data with tools like BigQuery. Combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), you get insights faster for better business decisions.



Google is constantly innovating in cloud-based computing and GCP users benefit from its commitment to nonstop improvement in reliability, security, performance and creative solutions.

Boost Your Organization’s Performance With GCP’s Superior Capabilities

Global Reach

You get access to the largest and most sophisticated networks in the world, which makes it fast, stable, and scalable.


Your data is mirrored across storage devices worldwide, meaning that it is protected, no matter what happens.


Build the way you want. Google integrates with familiar development tools to make it easy to build within GCP.


Mix and match to meet your business needs. Flexible virtual machines and a fully managed platform allow for greater computing, services, and storage options.


Your applications automatically scale up to handle heavy loads and scale down when traffic is lower.


GCP provides a wide range of powerful APIs and services that increase development cycles – no more building from scratch.

Transformation Success With the Right Partner

With over 20 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, SADA has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation and IT modernization. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with multiple specializations, SADA has served over 3000 clients and migrated over 25 million users to the cloud.

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Comprehensive assessment to strategize on solutions tailor-made for your unique business needs.

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Expert business and technology consultation to streamline your operations, evaluate your workflows, and develop roadmaps and plans for success.

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Migration & Implementation

Expert project management for smooth migration and transition to cloud solutions.

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Change Management

Accelerate user adoption and ROI with customized training and organizational change management services.

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Award-winning managed services with customer support 24/7/365 from US-based Google-certified technicians.

Customer Success Story: MadHive

SADA helps MadHive progress advertising technology into the future with Google Cloud Platform.

"Our plan moving forward with the cloud is to go global. We've cut our teeth in the US market, and we're really focused on Europe and Asia. We're really proud of that, and that's only possible because of the relationship with SADA."

— Adam Helfgott, Founder, CEO, MadHive

Insights & Updates

Our team comes out with weekly content on topics that cover the entire Google Cloud ecosystem. From best practices to new innovations in the cloud, we’ll keep you up to date on the industry’s trending topics.

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Technical Account Management (TAM)

SADA’s TAM team provides individualized, 24/7, proactive support for your business as you move your operations into GCP. You get consulting, training, and monitoring of key success metrics—including spending—on an ongoing basis. As part of TAM, you also get early access to GCP innovations to give you a competitive edge.

Logo of Google Cloud Anthos

Google Anthos: A New Dawn in Cloud Computing

Usher in the new paradigm of cloud computing with Anthos, the world’s first true cloud-agnostic platform for managing applications in today’s multi-cloud world.

Meet the Powerful Solutions From Google Cloud

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