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Government dotMaps

dotMaps is a powerful project coordination tool to better manage the public Right of Way. The dotMaps application reduces the risk of project conflicts, saving organizations both time and costs associated with duplicative and conflicting efforts. Conflicts are generated in real-time, leading to faster resolution.

Built using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, dotMaps includes a simple, intuitive map editing and creation tool. The result is a high-performance, easy-to-use application that effectively streamlines workflows for better project scheduling and resource management.

dotMaps is designed to support organizations whose operational success depend upon effective communication and accurate geolocation for ongoing projects, such as: Departments of Transportation (DOTs), Public Works, State and Government agencies, utility and gas companies and commercial organizations.

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Tool features:

Built using Google Maps APIs and Google Cloud Platform

Intuitive project editing and creation tool - notifications and alerts to stakeholders

Visualization of all projects on maps, identifying conflicts and opportunities

Admin view of recently modified projects; admins can approve changes

Manage multiple projects within a single location

Seamless sync with multiple data formats, including designs, transmittal forms, PDFs, MOUs, and more

Project updates in real-time; users get email alerts with any changes

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Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

Learn how modern enterprises are benefiting and gaining a competitive advantage by embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies with tips on overcoming security challenges and planning a successful multi-cloud migration.

Google Maps Platform: Make Location-Based Information Work for You

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