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Today’s guest blogger is Linus Rinke, a Certified Trainer and Training Specialist at SADA Systems.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve discussed what it means to us to be SADAians – from how important it is to create raving fans out of everyone we encounter, to carefully using the data we gather on a daily basis to make purposeful decisions and take calculated risks.  And while we value being forward-thinking, proactive individuals who blaze trails by embracing change as a tool, I’d argue that it’s all for nothing without this very important last core value.  Today we wrap up our series with our final core value: Do The Right Thing.

SADA Systems core values

At SADA, it’s of utmost importance for us to maintain our integrity, internally and externally. As individuals and as a company, we are honest and accountable in everything we do. We foster trust through transparency, open communication and feedback.  At all times we are professional. When we Do The Right Thing, we not only build our reputation as a company, we enhance our relationships with our key markets, better prepare ourselves for a crisis should it arrive, and sustain long-term growth.

Despite the high number of confounding variables that factor in when collecting data from an organization, the majority of research does in fact demonstrate a statistically relevant connection between ethical practices and profitability. Since we’re such a data driven company, let’s take a look at some more numbers: An index of of companies deemed ethical by numerous sources showed that organizations who had strong ethical values outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 370% over five years. In fact, if you would have invested in a portfolio comprised of these ethical companies 5 years ago, your return would have been 102% compared to just 26% for the general market! It therefore comes as no surprise that consumers (or in our case, our  partners and clients) want the companies they frequent to do business in a manner that they can respect.

Internally, when we Do The Right Thing we build a culture of mutual respect and collaboration by being considerate with shared resources and giving everyone a voice when it comes to making business decisions. We think about our colleagues, and how our goals down the road and at the moment will affect our teams. At SADA, we’ve always been encouraged to express our ideas and initiatives – in the end, it’s about executing the best one, so we really end up with something great. At the end of the day, that’s what matters to us.

Our core value was paired with a popular team building activity with a twist.  While many have participated in some form of an egg drop (essentially, building a structure out of limited materials to protect an egg from breaking from a 10 foot drop), our version included a surprise element (of course):  we provided our teams with different amounts of supplies.  The purpose in providing different supplies was to encourage our teams to negotiate with one another in order to help each other out to accomplish the same goal.  The challenge came in trying to balance out that sense of competition with the savvy and foresight to negotiate and Do The Right Thing by helping out your team and competitors alike!  The takeaway from this activity was that in all things that we do, we want to do the right thing – whether we’re working with our clients and partners, or working with colleagues internally.  While the goal of doing the right thing isn’t always black and white, we have plenty of support and resources around us to point us in the right direction.


The moral here is fairly simple: When a company’s ethical compass is pointing true north, everything else falls into line. We strive to get the job done the best way we know how. At SADA, that means working with integrity, working smart, working collaboratively and looking for the best solution, not necessarily the easiest solution.

If you feel like our Core Values are in-line with you’d want to represent and be represented by in your workplace, please take a look at our open position by visiting our Careers Page. We’re always on the lookout for the best new talent to join the SADA team!

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