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Recently, the SADA Google Maps team hit the road for Seattle to attend “Designing Cities”, a week-long conference hosted by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). The conference brought together hundreds of industry leaders from across the globe to discuss trends in urban street design and transportation policies.

Considering that streets make up more than 80% of public space in cities, ongoing improvements in urban design, project implementation, and continuous management and repairs are always in need. NACTO provided the opportunity to gain new insights into how to improve transportation across the nation, with cities working together to become more efficient, improve policies, and meet crucial objectives. This is SADA’s third time in attendance and each year we discover new trends and tools for bettering city transportation.

At this year’s conference, SADA was proud to showcase our application, dotMaps (watch a dotMaps demo here), an interactive, dynamic mapping application powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform. Designed to support Departments of Transportation (DOTs), dotMaps serves as a  powerful project coordination tool to reduce the risk of duplicate and conflicting construction efforts on ongoing transportation projects.

The inception of dotMaps started when the Chicago Department of Transportation and the City of Chicago’s Project Coordination Office saw a tremendous need to combine their internal infrastructure and optimize resources to avoid overlapping projects. Collins Engineers enlisted SADA Systems to build a customized project management tool to help with the ongoing planning and construction issues.

The results were tremendous. Through the implementation of dotMaps alone, the City of Chicago was able to report annual cost savings of nearly $14.5M. All of which was done by simply improving the management of the Public Way.

Given the success that the City of Chicago has seen, SADA Systems is excited to expand to other cities and states nationwide. SADA showcased dotMaps at this year’s Designing Cities to share the power, unique capabilities and adaptability that it offers to truly revolutionize project management and coordination.

Attendees at Designing Cities were able to see live demos of the City of Chicago tool, showcasing real-time geospatial updates, consolidated data, dynamic dashboards, and a simple-to-use interface. All in all, it was a great week of learning about the latest trends within transportation and how industry leaders are seeking to constantly improve workflows and efficiency.


As a three-time Google Maps Partner of the Year, SADA Systems has helped many DOTs, government agencies, and enterprise organizations utilize the power of Google Map and Google Cloud Platform.  The dotMaps application is beneficial for DOTs and state and government agencies, as well as companies that specialize in real estate, utilities, or transportation. dotMaps provides overwhelming value for any company that relies on effective communication, visual clarity, and accurate geolocation for multiple ongoing projects.

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