Gear up for business impact. Transformation in the cloud starts today with SADA.


Surpass the limits of yesterday's infrastructure to drive tomorrow's acceleration. Migrate to the cloud with SADA to uncover new opportunities.

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Future-proof your apps and keep evolving. With Google Cloud application modernization solutions and SADA’s services, you've got the power to pivot.

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Create and collaborate to transform your work and your world. Productivity levels up with SADA’s change management services and the team collaboration power of Google Workspace.

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Data drives knowledge and knowledge wins the future. Chart your path with SADA's data analytics solutions to master the lay of the land.

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Data Immersion Day


Turn your startup or small to medium-sized business ambitions into industry-leading solutions with Google Cloud and SADA services. Executing your vision is your chance to set the bar high.

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SADA POWER delivers customized solutions that enable businesses to navigate their cloud journeys with confidence.

Delivered in a consistent and repeatable manner, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with seamless execution, predictable results, and cost certainty.

Starting is often the hardest part of any journey-especially when it comes to the cloud. Our experts are here to help you power through. We'll get the ball rolling with engagements that assess, evaluate, and deliver tailored recommendations on Google Cloud solutions. From security gap analysis to assessing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your current infrastructure, our POWERPLAN service products are designed to uncover key areas for improvement and provide you with actionable next steps to kickstart your transformation.

Isn't it time you saw your vision come to life? Let's get it off the whiteboard and make it real. Our POWERUP service products are designed to help you envision what's possible, enabling you to test the waters with a proof of concept (POC) or sample implementation. As your first step in the implementation of a technology area, we'll pave the way forward with a strategic roadmap covering every step, action item, and deliverable. From activating your GCP data pipeline to taking Anthos for a spin, let's see what we can achieve, together.

Ready to go all in and fully harness the power of Google Cloud? Skip the risk and the guesswork with our POWERON service products. POWERON takes your business to the next level with a full implementation for your technology solution. Our experts will set you up for success with a production-ready foundation designed to meet your unique business objectives.


Already have your preferred technology solution in place? Ready to POWERFORWARD with optimizing, iterating, and innovating? We've got you covered. Our POWERFORWARD line of service products keeps the momentum going with next-gen managed services and ongoing support that spur business growth and improvement rather than just maintaining a steady state.

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