City of Chicago Reports $14.5 Million in Contributed Cost Savings with New dotMaps GIS Application Built on Google Cloud

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

SADA Systems is thrilled to announce the release of dotMapsdotMaps SADA Systems Google Maps, an interactive mapping service that facilitates project management. The dotMaps application provides a platform for city infrastructure projects to be displayed visually in order to see and address conflicts at a glance. Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and other government agencies can easily communicate between different departments in order to efficiently utilize resources, align efforts and avoid duplicative projects. Utilizing the power of Google Maps for Work and Google Cloud Platform, dotMaps is a revolutionary tool that provides organizations the ability to save money and work more effectively by visualizing their data to make better decisions. dotMaps, developed by SADA Systems, is a GIS application built on Google Cloud platform and Google Maps for Work tools, and designed to provide more efficient project coordination and collaboration. Customers of Collins Engineers, including the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the City of Chicago’s Project Coordination Office (PCO), recognized a need to combine their ongoing public infrastructure work in order to optimize resources and avoid geographically overlapping their projects. Collins contracted SADA Systems, a Premier Google Cloud Partner, to develop an application that would provide a more cost-effective, collaborative, and user-friendly way to coordinate the work of utilities companies within the public way. Collins reports dotMaps application has contributed to an astonishing $14.5 million in savings this year-to-date in 2014 along with new processes implemented by the PCO for CDOT.

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”SADA has been a close and collaborative partner in our work to improve the management of the public way.  The familiarity of the Google Maps platform and dotMaps’ ease of use has helped to further encourage collaboration between multiple stakeholders.  It is also helping us to measure the results of the collaboration in real dollars and time savings,” said George Keck, Collins’ Project Manager for the City of Chicago PCO.

dotMaps allows users to edit and create information associated with different projects, visualize projects geospatially, and easily highlight relevant interrelationships. The editing and creating of projects is conducted within the familiar and user-friendly interface of Google Maps Street View. Users can view the locations and progress of various projects at a glance, and admins have greater control and transparency with the ability to track recently modified projects and approve changes. Users can discuss projects instantly with chat notifications for each project and are always kept up-to-date with email alerts for any changes made.

“dotMaps showcases our unique and holistic understanding of the Google cloud and mapping technologies,” said Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems. “dotMaps gives organizations such as DOTs and government agencies the ability to communicate between departments and complete their projects more effectively – saving time, money and precious resources while serving the public better. Working with Collins has helped us prove the benefits of using the dotMaps application.”

SADA Systems has helped many DOTs, government agencies, and enterprise organizations utilize the power of Google Maps for Work and Google Cloud Platform, and was recently named the 2013 North America Partner of the Year for Google Maps.  The dotMaps application is ideal for DOTs and state and government agencies, as well as companies that specialize in real estate, utilities, or transportation. dotMaps provides overwhelming value for any company that relies on effective communication, visual clarity, and accurate geolocation for multiple ongoing projects.

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